Tips for choosing a bathroom sink

If you want to buy stainless steel outdoor showers or sinks, you should first look for a reliable store. In this article we will talk about the best way to choose a bathroom sink. It is worth to make a preference by the criterion of practicality, price segment and appearance. Most often, ceramic sinks of white color are chosen for bathrooms. This is a practical material that can withstand all operating conditions. Ceramics is not afraid of aggressive cleaners and water with a high content of hydrogen sulfide and metals. But not always the ceramic sinks are suitable for the conceived bathroom interior. Glass or composite models often have a bright color, which is due to the wide production possibilities. If you need an original bronze, turquoise or black sink, it is rational to pay attention to glass or composite.

The analogue will be products made of artificial or cast marble. Shells made of these materials can take almost any shape, so manufacturers offer a wide variety of asymmetrical models. And do not be afraid of the fragility of marble! Artificial and cast material has high impact resistance. Such sinks have increased resistance to moisture, UV and household pollutants. They are very hard to break – tested in practice.

Porcelain sinks belong to the ceramic class, but their production technology is slightly different. Due to its special composition, porcelain does not lose color over many years of use. And the material itself makes a ringing sound, reminiscent of the ringing of crystal glasses. But you have to be careful with such shells – they are afraid of being hit by hard objects.

Additional tips on choosing the shape of the shell

The manufacturers offer more than a dozen shell form factors. These are both rectangular and oval, and round, and D-shaped models. First of all, it is necessary to decide on the type of installation and the size of the cabinet, if it will be installed. You can buy any sink, but not every sink will fit one or another model. Especially if its shape will be non-standard.


A variety of materials allows sink manufacturers to actively experiment with the configuration of their products. There are several common sink shapes available for sale.

  1. Round (oval). Such models look like a bowl, their main advantage is the ease of cleaning due to the lack of corners. Due to their smooth streamlined shape, they make the interior more elegant and soft.
  2. Rectangular (square). sinks of this type, depending on the style have smooth or sharp corners. Due to this they have a slightly increased inner volume of the bowl, but are more difficult to care for.
  3. Semicircular. A variety of sinks of the first type, mounted close to the wall. This saves free space in the bathroom, but reduces the capacity of the bowl.
  4. Corners. These models have the shape of a sector, which allows to install them in a corner of the room. Basically, these sinks are designed to equip small bathrooms, where it is necessary to rationalize the space available.

In addition to these basic shapes, the sinks producers use more exotic ones. These are mainly expensive designer models. There are also options that combine different shapes – for example, rectangular sinks with round or semicircular bowls. Choosing the configuration of sanitary ware, you should consider 2 main criteria – its combination with the general style of the room and the size of the bathroom. For example, a round or oval bowl can not be installed close to the wall, so for small bathrooms this option is not very suitable – in this case, it is better to buy a semicircular or angular model. You can find many attractive options at