How to decide if moving is right for you

You’re not alone. About 200,000 other renters in Quebec* are also considering a move – and for as many different reasons. To make your decision easier, we’ve broken it down into the 3 big reasons to move and what to do next.

Big reason 1: Money

Since money is measurable, this is probably one of the most black and white reasons for moving. Whether it’s as simple as the rent has gone up or a more complicated change in your circumstances, if you need to save money on rent, moving is likely the best answer. On the other hand, if you’ve recently gotten a raise or promotion you may feel you’re financially ready for an upgrade – just make sure you’re not living beyond your means.

The next step: Whether you’re looking to save or upgrade, be sure that you’ve considered all the hidden costs of moving. Don’t forget about packing supplies, moving trucks, cleaning services, switching utilities, rent deposit, and the impact of location on your insurance costs. It’s a good idea to create a list and a budget so you’re not hit with any surprises.

Big reason 2: Family 

With more people to consider, there can be even more reasons to move. You may have adopted a furry friend or are ready to move in with that special someone. It could be that you’re prepping for parenthood or need to be closer to aging parents. When making a move that involves family it’s always a big decision, but it could arguably be one of the best reasons.

The next step: Sit down with all of the people in your family who would be impacted by a move. Make a list of the things that are important to each member. Remember that you probably won’t find something that works perfectly for everyone, so agree on what takes priority to make things easier.

Big reason 3: Location

It could be about convenience or changes in the neighbourhood – whatever your reason, your priorities have shifted and your current location is no longer ideal. Aligning your neighbourhood with your needs is definitely a good reason to move.

The next step: Before you make any decisions, do some research on the different neighborhoods in your city. Keep in mind important factors like safety and affordability but also things like schools, parking, and the convenience of biking, walking or taking transit. Make a list of the pros and cons of each neighbourhood to help you choose the best one for your needs.

As you consider whether or not to move, remember that your primary reason for moving may also impact the other areas we’ve mentioned. For example, a change in location may impact your finances and your family. So be sure to think everything through before making that big decision.