Where to find your target audience

Among almost a billion active Instagram users it is quite difficult to select your target audience, because the social network does not throw around data about users and their interests. You have to work hard to select exactly those who fit the parameters of a buyer persona. There are a few basic sources from where you can recruit your target audience, knowing its key parameters.


Studying the demographics of your existing audience can be helpful. Go to the Statistics menu by logging into the Instagram app and click on the “Audience” tab. This section will give you basic information about your subscribers:

  • gender;
  • age;
  • region of residence;
  • hours of activity.

This information is useful for adjusting your marketing strategy and ordering ads, but your first priority is to find out the interests and personal preferences of your potential customers. A demographic chart cannot provide this kind of information. It’s just dry statistics. If you are starting to develop your account, you should also buy instagram followers. An empty account with no followers makes your visitors doubtful. So you can use buy followers service to make your account more presentable. You can do it using different services, it’s not difficult.

Buyer Persona

If you have been in business for more than a year, most likely you already have a well-formed “buyer persona” – a portrait of your potential customer that you are trying to work with. The same information you can use repeatedly to determine the target audience of Instagram users. If you don’t have such data at your disposal, you’ll have to learn to determine who is the best customer for you. To do this, you need to answer a few questions.

  • Why are they buying your product or service? This is the key part, because those who need your product and are potential customers. For example, if you sell a technological toothbrush that cleans teeth well in hard-to-reach places, your target audience is everyone who brushes their teeth and does not own such a device.
  • Under what circumstances does your product become necessary for the customer? The answer to this question will help narrow the target audience to those users who are already ready to buy. Using the previous example, we get the following: the brush is designed specifically for cleaning teeth in hard-to-reach places, therefore, the closest category of customers – those who have initial or more advanced stages of caries.
  • Under what circumstances do you buy your product? In the hustle and bustle people often forget about their immediate needs, so any purchase is made under certain circumstances. Using brush as an example, these are people who have already begun to worry about dental problems and are looking for professional help.
  • When and where are the people who buy your product? In this case we are talking about the geographical distribution of users. It plays a role whether you sell the product only to users living in your region, or whether you are ready to deliver to another city, and possibly to another country.

When selecting your target audience, don’t think about how you can select a particular category of people among Instagram users. This can encourage misrepresentation and bias. First make a detailed portrait, and then find the methods of selection. This way it will be much easier for you to get 100k instagram followers and get busy developing your account. There are a lot of great tools out there right now, and you should start applying them to your practice. Developing an account can be a challenge if you are just starting out on your Instagram journey.