The Best Casino Games For Newbies

In recent years, the gambling market has been showing an impressive heyday. According to surveys, more than 50% of the world’s population annually participates in some form of gambling, which makes such websites highly in demand.

Roulette, slot machines, Poker, etc make up the largest segment of the iGaming software solutions industry. The availability of an Internet connection and an ever-growing army of players create favorable conditions for the development of the entire gambling world.

Learn about online games that are the most popular among casino newcomers today from the article below.

Criteria for Choosing a Casino Game

To choose a suitable slot machine for a newbie to play in casinos, find out what is important to consider first.

Casino experts analyze iGaming software solutions based on these factors when compiling slot ratings:

  • A slot provider;
  • Players reviews;
  • The number of possible winnings in a particular slot;
  • Volatility and RTP levels;
  • Bonus features, winning lines, special symbols, etc.

Also, there may be factors such as design and storyline, but they are still less common for most ratings. For many users, a crucial point is that the slot generously rewards and entertains.

For example, a less popular provider, Nolimit City, can offer a Hot Slot 777 Crown slot, which will instantly drag you into a series of winnings!

Top List of Casino Games for Beginners

First time at the gambling site? For those new to the exciting iGaming software solutions world, it can be intimidating when you enter an online platform packed with various slots you have never seen before.

Casino games can be fun, and you can win money even as a beginner. So, below you will find the best casino games for beginners.


Slot machines are usually the first thing many novice players think about when someone mentions casino games. And there is a reason for this – slot machines are one of the easiest casino games to understand and play. Namely, you spin the reels and hope to get desirable symbols.

The most popular types of slots for newbies are:

  • Single-coin slot machines;
  • Buy-Your-Pay slots;
  • Three-reel games;
  • Video slots, etc.

Online Roulette

This table game is easy competition to win, especially for casino beginners. Roulette is based on luck, so even if you are a complete dummy, you can earn good payouts at a lower bid.

The primary purpose of Roulette is simple – a player bets on where a small ball will fall on a rotating wheel with numbered and colored cells.


Although this casino game is not as popular as slot machines or Roulette, this does not make Keno any less exciting and easy to play. Keno is a lottery-style competition that can often be found in casinos. To play it, a customer places a bet by choosing numbers from 1 to 80. Then 20 random digits are played, and if any of your options match the one you chose, you win.