Professional and amateur boxing news

Boxing news always arouses interest among the fans. Professional boxing is one of the most popular and spectacular sports. On specialized websites you will find the latest news of boxing all around the world, analytical articles, interviews with fighters, coaches, managers and many more interesting materials.

The rules of professional boxing

Pro boxing differs from amateur boxing in that for the fighters it is a living and a full-fledged profession. The title of world pro boxing champion can be obtained by winning a belt in one of the four major versions: WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO in a particular weight class. At the moment there are 17 weight categories. In the case when a boxer wins all four belts in one weight category, he is considered to be the absolute world champion. You can follow boxing news on specialized websites.

Another difference between pro boxing and amateur boxing is that fighters have to step into the ring without helmets and shirts. How many rounds the fight lasts depends on the agreements between the boxing teams. The minimum number of rounds is 4. Also there can be 6, 8 or 10 rounds. World title bouts last 12 rounds.

Amateur boxing

It’s no secret that the news of professional boxing is much more popular. But real fans of this sport closely follow the competitions of amateurs as well, because that’s where the future stars come from. People who closely follow the news of world boxing, probably know about the existence of a semi-professional league World Series Boxing. This organization was founded in 2010. Here are the best amateur athletes. Fights are fought under slightly modified rules. Participating boxers retain their amateur status, while receiving a fee. 

Professional Boxing News

Pro boxing today is huge money. Leading fighters make tens of millions of dollars per night. Pro boxing news is also interesting for the female audience. Various female athletes are currently conquering the world ring. Of course, the main attention of the fans is concentrated on the competitions of men, but women’s fights can also be very exciting.

Boxing on special sites

On a specialized site you can always find the latest news of international boxing. In addition to the results of the fights, visitors can also find:

  • expert forecasts;
  • analytics;
  • reviews of the best moments;
  • interviews;
  • free statistics.

There is also an online program with the start time of the matches and the list of channels, which will broadcast. When you follow the latest boxing news on a specialized portal, you can be sure you won’t miss any important sporting event.

Specialized sites will also help you get more useful information about other sports. For example, you can find chalk news or follow other sports. Dedicated news sites will help you highlight the most valuable information, which will prove to be a helpful factor as a result. If you can choose a good news site, you will have the ability to research this area and always keep up with the latest happenings in the boxing world.