Decabol from the British Dragon is based on one of the most popular steroids

Decabol from the British Dragon is based on one of the most popular steroids – decanoate, nandrolone . He has been in sports for several decades and at one time was even on the free market under the name ” Retabolil “. If you decide to buy Decabol and start using it, then be sure to follow all recommendations for dosage and cycle duration with it. How effective and safe the Decabol course will be depends only on you. Below we will briefly describe for you everything you need to know about Decabol . We can also provide a free consultation for you and it is completely free.  

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The main active ingredient here is Nandrolone Decanoate , which has been known among weightlifters since the sixties of the last century and was used even by Soviet athletes. The drug has an anabolic activity higher than that of Testosterone, and its androgenic activity is significantly lower. Detailed information on the website:

The main sport of the drug is bodybuilding. They are used by both professional athletes and ordinary gym amateurs. The main function of Decabol is to increase muscle mass.

The positive effects of Decabol

  1. A quick set of muscle mass, as well as an increase in strength parameters.
  2. The time required for the body to rehabilitate after training is reduced.
  3. Provided that the normal balance of female hormones is maintained, sexual desire is significantly increased.
  4. Helps to increase the strength of bone structures.

How to take an effective and safe course with Decabol ?

When using this drug, you need to strictly follow a few fairly simple rules. First of all, you must remember that Decabol must be used in conjunction with testosterone without fail. In this case, the dosage of testosterone esters (male hormone) should be one and a half to two times higher than the dose of nandrolone decanoate .

Thus, with a weekly dose of 0.4 grams of Decabol , you need to use 0.6 grams of any testosterone as well. An equally important point is the constant monitoring of the progestin level . Almost all side effects of the soundboard are caused precisely by the high concentration of this hormone. As soon as the concentration of progestin has exceeded normal values, immediately add bergolac or dostinex ( cabergoline ) to the course .

The duration of the course with decabol varies from 6 to 20 weeks and it also depends on the length of time and experience of the athlete. As for dosages, the range of working doses is from 200 to 600 mg per week. We don’t recommend betting a gram anymore, even for advanced people . It is better to conduct several courses in a row with Decabol than one at horse dosages and then recover a lot of time.

What athletes say about Decabol

All athletes who strictly followed all the rules when using the drug are satisfied with the results. First of all, they talk about a significant increase in mass (up to 10 kg per course), as well as an increase in muscle density. In addition, they confirm a sharp increase in strength indicators and a positive effect of the deck on the articular-ligamentous apparatus.  More details:

Let us remind you again that in order to get excellent results without risk to health, you need to follow all the rules that we talked about above. The British Dragon company, like its products, has been used by athletes from different countries for over a decade. So, it will not be difficult to find reviews on the Internet , including those on foreign reviews. 

We have read and studied them and we can say with confidence that this manufacturer is not just popular. They discuss him, praise and scold him, but he occupied his niche for a long time and apparently is not going to give up. The BD brand maintains its quality, as well as an affordable price for everyone.